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      3817 W. Henrietta Road
      Rochester, NY 14623

      3817 W. Henrietta Road
      Rochester, NY 14623

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3817 W. Henrietta Road
Rochester NY 14623

3817 W. Henrietta Road
Rochester NY 14623

Sales (800) 781-0863


(800) 608-7242
7:00 AM-6:00 PM
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Welcome to Dorschel Lexus

Welcome to Dorschel Lexus

Dorschel Lexus Has Great New and Used Cars in Rochester, NY

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Dorschel Lexus has been serving your automotive needs in upstate New York for over half a century. Looking for new or used cars in Rochester? We have helped countless customers find the luxury vehicle that's right for them. Dorschel Lexus is a member of the Better Business Bureau, so our commitment is to the great Lexus customers of Monroe County, from Rochester to Henrietta, Pittsford and beyond.

Our customers have high expectations, and we are proud to meet their every need. In addition to our new Lexus cars, crossovers and hybrid SUVs, Dorschel also has a great selection of used cars in Rochester. So if you're looking for a used Lexus in Upstate NY, we're a great dealership to visit. We even offer a 3-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee on all used car purchases. Visit Dorschel—your Rochester Lexus dealer—to test drive a new or used Lexus today.

Dorschel Lexus: We're a Different Kind of Car Dealer

 Dorschel Lexus is well-known in and around Rochester, so you probably already know that we're a very reputable car dealer. But you might not realize that we're more affordable than the other guys. We do something called Comp Check Pricing so most people who buy a car at Dorschel are actually paying LESS than they'd pay elsewhere.

Dorschel Lexus was voted top 100 in Rochester
 In addition, our sales team is really a group of sales consultants. They aren't paid on commission, so they just want to help you get the car that's right for you. They don't try to upsell you on accessories—unless you want them—because they don't make more money for getting you to buy features you don't want...or need.


And we've been in business for so long that we've made the car-buying experience more efficient. It's simple: you can buy a car faster with us, sometimes within an hour.

Finally, we're a lot like you. We're from here, and we care about our community. Our owner, Rick Dorschel, is community-minded and is very involved in volunteer activities and local sponsorship. So if you want to work with a car dealer that's different, cares about our community, and is constantly thinking about ways to bring you more value, trust Dorschel Lexus for your next new or used car in Rochester.

>>>See Why We're One of the Top Places to Work in Rochester

Visit Dorschel Lexus For a Great Selection of New and Used Lexus Cars and SUVs

Giving you a great car buying experience and superior customer service is what Dorschel Lexus is all about. It is something we call "The Dorschel Difference." We go beyond just selling new and used cars and actually make it a pleasure to do business with us. Click on the links above to research your next new or used Lexus and then come down to the showroom to experience the Dorschel difference. Or if you're looking for great certified preowned cars in Rochester, just give us a call at (800) 781-0863. If you're looking for a Lexus in Rochester or upstate NY, you should check us!

Our Rochester Lexus dealership is located at 3817 W. Henrietta Road, just down the road from the Marketplace Mall. If you are coming from out of town and need driving directions, see our hours and directions page. Contact Dorschel with any questions. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help.

What You've Come to Expect from the Dorschel Service Center: Great Lexus Service in NY

At Dorschel Lexus, our commitment to our customers goes well beyond the purchase of your vehicle. If you've had car trouble, our Lexus Service Center can help. They do the highest quality work at a great price to create a continuing relationship with each and every customer. Our Lexus service center can help you with anything from routine maintenance to major car repair. We'd particularly like to inspect and repair your brakes to keep you safe on the road.

While your car is being serviced, take advantage of our free shuttle, open your laptop and get some work done in our café, or just sit back and relax. Your car will be repaired by qualified Lexus technicians with years of experience who use only genuine Lexus parts. To top it off, all cars we service get a free car wash. Schedule a Lexus service appointment with a simple click.

So if you're looking for a new or used Lexus in Rochester, Pittsford or Henrietta, or need to schedule car repair in our Lexus Service Center, come to Dorschel Lexus for the kind of personalized service, proven value, and exceptional customer care that our customers have come to expect.

Whether you want to buy or lease a new or used Lexus, Dorschel is the car dealer more people turn to. But it's up to you to decide whether buying or leasing a Lexus is a better option. Take a look at the comparison below, and decide for yourself.

Advantages of Leasing a Car at Dorschel Lexus in Rochester

  • You can afford to drive a nicer car when you lease a Lexus.
  • When you lease, you'll have a lower down payment and lower monthly payments compared to buying a new car.
  • Dorschel offers a warranty to cover the cost of repairs.
  • It's nice to trade in for a new car when your lease is up.

Advantages of Buying a Car at Your Local Rochester Lexus Dealer

  • When you own a Lexus, you can customize it any way you want.
  • Buying a Lexus is generally more economical in the long run.
  • You can drive as much as you want with no penalty for extra mileage.

Ultimately, though, it's up to you to decide whether it's better to buy or lease a Lexus. Once you've weighed the options, come down to Dorschel Lexus in Rochester and let us help you find the new or used Lexus that's right for you.

Lexus Financing Options for Our Favorite Customer: You!

We take pride in addressing your needs at every step of the way, from Lexus financing to driving a luxury vehicle.

Whether you're looking for Lexus lease deals in Rochester or want to simply want to talk about a car loan, Dorschel can help. Even if you've had difficulty getting a car loan in the past, call or stop by to see how our Lexus financing team can help you get the car loan you need!

It is our pleasure to help customers find the new or used Lexus car, SUV or hybrid of their dreams. Pre-qualify for Lexus financing with our simple online application. Then come down to Dorschel's Lexus dealership today and drive one off the lot today!

Dorschel, the Right Choice for Upstate New York!

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